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BRAND NEW Lowcountry Birding Trail! Sponsored by Charleston Fossil Adventures

As a gift to local naturalists, bird nerds, and armchair ornithologists alike, Charleston Fossil Adventures is proud to host the brand new Lowcountry Birding Trail (#CharlestonLBT) with easy access from downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston and the South Carolina Lowcountry is a premier destination for birders. Come explore our top ten destinations on the Lowcountry Birding Trail, and discover the colorful array of birds that our beautiful state has to offer!

Take the tour of our Lowcountry Birding Trail and share photos from your trip using the hashtag #CharlestonLBT to connect with other naturalists.

1. Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve

Getting there: 30 minutes (15 miles) from downtown Charleston

A paved road takes you through the maritime forest on your way to the inlet with stunning views of the ocean and the Morris Island lighthouse -- now standing in the ocean!

2. Patriot's Point

Getting there: 11 minutes (5.4 miles) from downtown Charleston

In addition to great bird watching, visitors can expect to see the voluminous WWII aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown -- a day visit here is a must!

3. Fort Moultrie National Monument

Getting there: 21 minutes (11 miles) from downtown Charleston

Spot some of our maritime bird species hiding in the fields and shrubs at the fort that gave South Carolina its nickname of "The Palmetto State!"

4. Folly Beach County Park

Getting there: 22 minutes (13 miles) from downtown Charleston

Scan the shoreline for lots of seasonal visitors, and pick up a fossil or two while you're at it! Don't skip the walk around to the marsh on the backside of this popular park.

5. Kiawah Beachwalker Park

Getting there: 37 minutes (24 miles) from downtown Charleston

As the only public beach on Kiawah Island, this shoreline is not just popular for the birds! Keep your eyes out along Capt. Sam's Spit at low tide for dolphins!

6. Folly Beach Fishing Pier

Getting there: 19 minutes (11.6 miles) from downtown Charleston

With construction slated to be finished by summer 2023, the reopening of the pier will grant birders an excellent look at many of the rafting bird species that float offshore from our beaches.

7. Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge

Getting there: 53 minutes (42 miles) from downtown Charleston

With over 66,000 acres of protected shoreline and maritime forest, Cape Romain is host to over 293 bird species, and the annual migration of thousands of loggerhead sea turtles.

8. Botany Bay Wildlife Management Area

Getting there: 54 minutes (44 miles) from downtown Charleston

Famously featured as the backdrop to scenes in "The Patriot," Botany Bay is more than just a movie set. This Wildlife Management Area has an eroding barrier island with dead trees extending into the ocean to create a "boneyard beach."

9. Sullivans Island Lighthouse

Getting there: 19 minutes (10 miles) from downtown Charleston

Walking around the mature dunes at the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse will provide glimpses of our colorful painted buntings. Be sure to marvel at the shape of the lighthouse...a very distinct triangle!

10. James Island County Park

Getting there: 10 minutes (6 miles) from downtown Charleston

Enjoy a stay in the cottages or at the campground in this large county park on James Island. Trails through the forest and into the salt marsh provide ample opportunities to hear and see many species!

Thank you for stopping by! Happy birding!


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