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Protect your purchase with cancellation insurance; save money when you bundle trips; and experience time with Ashby or Mike all to yourself on a private Adventure with our latest tour changes!

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Cancellation Insurance

No one likes to lose money from a canceled vacation. Now you don't have to! Simply add on our cancellation insurance to each ticket to ensure your refund if you have to cancel your trip at any time before the tour date. Contact us ahead of your Adventure that you won't be able to attend, and we'll refund the *ticket price* back to your card. It's that easy!

Sick? Refund! Flight delay? Refund! Partial attendance? Partial refund!

IMPORTANT: Even if you purchase insurance, if you do not show up on the day of your trip with no prior communication to CFA staff, you forfeit all monies. 

NOTE: Cancellation insurance only covers the tickets that it's added on to. (For example, buying insurance on just one ticket does not protect a multi-ticket booking.)


Multi-day Adventure Bundles

Who loves saving money? *collective hand raising* Starting in 2023, if you add on a second day to your Fossil Adventure, you receive the entire second Adventure 10% off! This offer is only valid during the initial booking, so don't wait! Further, if you add on our Prehistoric Plantation Cruise to a Fossil Adventure, you receive the cruise tickets at 15% off. High five for smart shopping!

These bundles are ONLY available during your initial booking process! Similarly, you cannot return in two weeks to take advantage of discounted tickets; they must be used within 7 days before or after your first trip with us.


Private Adventure Options

Consumers are realizing the importance of private experiences now more than ever. Experience one on one time with Ashby during our new lineup of private Adventures. All private Adventures are subject to availability. Call early to secure a date!

Morris Island Adventure -

$1300 flat rate (6 people)

$2600 flat rate (12 people)

1 Island Adventure - $750 flat rate (6 people)

2 Island Adventure - $1300 flat rate (6 people)

Prehistoric Plantation Cruise - $350 flat rate (6 people)


Custom Fossil Adventure - $1600 flat rate (6 people)

Our biggest VIP experience, the Custom Fossil Adventure offers clients the greatest flexibility In scheduling. 

- Pick your duration

- Bring up to 6 people

- Enjoy a catered lunch, courtesy of Publix Deli

- Includes one autographed copy of Ashby's field guide

- We'll also film and publish a video of your fossils to YouTube

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