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Charleston Fossil Adventures is ONE step closer to purchasing kayaks and opening our fossil hunting kayak tours on the Edisto and Ashley Rivers!

Our current equipment standing is:

1. Kayak racks: PURCHASED

2. Tour guide kayak: CHECK

3. Participant kayaks: NEED

4. Participant paddles: NEED

5. Participant PFDs: NEED

As soon as these last three items are completed, our fossil kayak tours will be in business! Right away, we will be able to take participants on the Ashley River (see previous post) to screen material for lots of shark teeth. This area of South Carolina boasts some of the best shark tooth hunting in the nation, so the Ashley River Adventure is one you'll definitely want to book! (Our tentative opening date for this trip is June 5th.)

What's that? You want more rivers? Never fear! The Edisto River is here! Yes, CFA also offers kayak fossil tours on the Edisto, as well. These gravel fossil beds are scattered all along the Edisto River, and are hidden among some of the most beautiful forests in the South Carolina Lowcountry. We are keeping our eye on the water level, and will go check out our sites as soon as the river becomes low enough. (After that, hope for minimal rainfall further inland!) Just for fun, go check out the river conditions for yourself:

Edisto River near Givhans Ferry water height (depth)

Want a kayak tour before June? Call or email today to ask about our special rates for providing your own gear!

Keep picking up!

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