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Identification Adventure

The Identification Adventures CFA offers are unlike any other service in the Lowcountry.


Ashby sits down with his clients and patiently sorts through every specimen, from minute pebbles to mammoth limb bones. (Yes, that's a pun!) Once an individual has experienced an ID Adventure, they not only become more proficient at identifying the features of fossils, but they also increase their ability to find more material on the beach.


Through his years of providing identification sessions to visitors, Ashby has created a list of recommended items to bring to any IDA:​


  • Notepad and writing utensil

  • Camera

  • Small ziploc bags or containers

  • Photos of fossils you don't have present

  • Ruler

  • Open mind!


You just may be surprised what incredible finds are hidden away in your box of goodies! Surprising finds have ranged from a peccary tusk to a mammoth toe bone, a sloth claw core, and even a complete mandible of a beaver!


2 Hour Adventure

Have a couple boxes of fossils? Our 2 Hour IDA allows adequate time for us to pay attention to most of the significant specimens. 2 hours is usually enough time to sort and identify all specimens, but should time run short, CFA will identify the most unique fossils, and offer up extra time if desired. CFA will provide hand drawn schematics to help you identify key characteristics to look for in future fossil fragments.

2 Hour Adventure: $300
*$100 per each hour after designated session
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