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School Group Adventures

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On-Site STEM Program: Extinction of  Megalodon

Please call for rates.
Note: Any school outside of Charleston County has the current federal mileage rate factored into the program cost.

Perfect for science and math classes, this STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) program generates numerical data about a population of sharks, while students simulate different species and their feeding strategies. The terminology and math involved sets the recommended grade levels of 5th-8th


Topics and terminology covered include:

  • Simulation

  • Adaptation

  • Generalists/Specialists

  • Climate-Ecosystem Responses

  • Hypotheses

  • Ocean Currents & Landforms

  • Percentage Calculations

Note for Communities of Faith

Megalodon Extinction

On-Site Program: Fossils Under Our Feet

Want to supplement your geology chapter with some locally collected fossils from the SC Lowcountry? Let Charleston Fossil Adventures come give a presentation to your class! Specimens of actual fossils will be on hand for the children to touch and inspect up close. 


Topics covered can include:

  • Driving mechanisms of fossilization processes

  • Analyzing properties of fossils vs. rocks

  • Constructing explanations for why fossil deposits are located where they are

  • Interpreting past data from the fossil record to analyze historical climate patterns

  • Analyzing adaptations of both extinct and extant animals, and comparing traits from both groups


SC State Education Standards Addressed:

  • 1.E.4A - Earth's Natural Resources

  • 2.S.1A.1 - Natural World Observations

  • 3.S.1A.4 - Analyzing Natural Observations

  • 3.E.4 - Earth's Materials and Processes

  • 4.E.2B - Historical Climate and The Fossil Record

  • 5.E.3 - Change in Landforms and Oceans

  • 6.L.4B - Structural Adaptations in The Fossil Record

  • 7.S.1 - Natural World Observations

  • 8.E.6 - The Fossil Record

  • H.E.4 - Paleobiosphere

Note for Communities of Faith

Please call for rates.
Note: Any school outside of Charleston County has the current federal mileage rate factored into the program cost.
Classroom Talk

Off-Site Beach Adventures

Looking to harness the energy of your class and tire them out with a field trip? Never fear, CFA offers the same quality beach tours to school groups as it does for private reservations!


Due to minimized staffing, CFA kindly asks for group sizes no larger than 25 individuals, with a minimum of one chaperone/teacher per 10 students.


All off-site field trips start with a brief presentation on the fossils in the area, how they are deposited on the beach, and searching techniques for going home with as many fossils as possible! Students spend approximately 1.5 hours searching for fossils that they can keep and take home! 30 minutes is allotted at the end of each trip for further identification and show-and-tell among students. Total trip length: 3 hours.


Please have buses drop students off 15 minutes prior to start of program, and return to pick students up at close of program. CFA is not responsible for scheduling parking/transportation.

Note for Communities of Faith

Please call for rates.
CFA kindly requests no more than 25 students to maximize the one-on-one experience.
Beach Walks

A note for Communities of Faith:

CFA is glad to provide programming to church groups, summer camps, and faith-based schools! They're some of our most enjoyable groups!  However, please understand that the material covered in our programs covers scientific topics that may not align with some faiths. Be aware that our programs speak about life on Earth in terms of millions of years, and there is discussion about the evolution of animal species. Thank you for your understanding.

CFA owner Ashby Gale is experienced in leading programs for children of all ages as well as adults. Through his work at Edisto Beach State Park, Ashby taught hundreds of classes covering fossils and other natural history topics to school groups. Through Discover Carolina programs Ashby taught, he became familiarized with the SC State Education Standards addressed in this special education program, and is willing to collaborate with schools on addressing certain topics.

Ashby provides an engaging atmosphere for everyone interested in the fossil history of the South Carolina Lowcountry!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the School Group Adventures?

Off-site Beach Adventures last 3 hours; Extinction of Megalodon requires at least 1.5 hours; and Fossils Under Our Feet is fairly adaptable, but can easily fill 1 hour.

Where do the classes take place?

Off-site Beach Adventures occur at Folly Beach and Edisto Beach State Park. (Please note that any school trip to Edisto incurs a per-head admission cost to the park of $3/student and $5/adult 16+.) On-site activities (Extinction of Megalodon and Fossils Under Our Feet) take place in the classroom or auditorium at the school requesting the program.

I'm confused about the booking!

Steps to complete a booking request:

  1. Choose a date on the calendar. (Select your first choice here, you'll be asked for alternate dates later.)

  2. Under Select Time, just click Request. Again, you'll be asked for time choices later.

  3. Leave the Select Tickets option set at 1 Ticket.

  4. Enter contact information, (home)school name, grade level(s).

  5. Type in your preferred dates and corresponding times.

  6. Select one of the three programs.

  7. Provide the estimated range of students (e.g. 24-31 students).

  8. Enter the estimated number of chaperones.

  9. Type in the school address (homeschool groups may enter the location they'd like to meet).

  10. Click continue. IMPORTANT: On the next page you must click Submit or else your request will not go through!

  11. The total amount due will show as $0.00 because an invoice will be sent to the provided contact within the next 24 hours via email.

  12. ALL DONE!

Are the Beach Adventures rain or shine?

Yes! Barring torrential downpours or other adverse weather (see inclement weather policy), your trip will still occur! Just make sure all students are equipped with adequate rain gear. The trip duration may be affected by the rain, but CFA will communicate with teachers prior to the trip regarding this matter. No adjustments to the trip cost are made due to weather-shortened trips.

Can toddlers come with the parent chaperones?

They may, just make sure that you retain the 1:5 chaperone:student ratio, taking into account the toddlers.

Do students get fossils even if an On-site Adventure is selected?

Absolutely! CFA brings fossil material as prizes for on-site programs!

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