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Fall & Winter Adventures

Visiting between
October 16th and March 14th?
You're in luck! Our BEST SITE of the year is accessible and loaded with amazing fossils!

3 hrs - Fossil Finder Package

6 hrs - Epoch Explorer Package

7+ hrs - Platinum Paleontology Package

3 hrs - Sunset Shark Tooth Package

1.5 hrs - Prehistoric Dolphin Cruise

What to expect:

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your Adventure. The boat departs promptly at the trip start time.

Come board the boat with Captain Ash as we set out to a white sand island covered in jet black shark teeth and even more fossils, including but certainly not limited to:

  • dolphin bones

  • sea turtle shell fragments

  • fossilized shark poop! (aka coprolites)

  • fulgurites ("fossilized lightning!")

  • Ice Age remains (sloth teeth, mammoth ivory, camel teeth, and more!)

  • many other remains from extinct species up to 30 million years old!

General Tour Structure: Groups will receive a scenic boat ride through Shem Creek where dolphin sightings are common! After landing on the beach, one of CFA's paleontologists will guide participants along the shoreline to collect fossils. During the final hour, CFA staff will sort through everyone's finds and provide in-depth identification. Once we arrive back to the landing you can arrange final merchandise purchases or custom jewelry and fossil polishing orders. 

Our style of fossil hunting is surface collecting. The water has done the sorting for us, uncovering new fossils every 12 hours. No digging or sifting takes place at all. Not only is that illegal in SC, but it's less efficient for these types of localities. 

Fossil Finder Package

Enjoy 3 hours of fossil hunting followed by a complementary fossil identification session. This package is the perfect introduction for anyone looking to learn more about fossils and find their first shark tooth!

Epoch Explorer Package

Go all out with your shark tooth hunting experience by exploring the island for 6 hours! Having a paleontologist in your back pocket makes all the difference, as we often pick up fossils missed by other beachcombers. A complementary fossil identification session is included.

Platinum Paleontology Package

Enjoy the full flexibility of a private trip to "carpe megalodon" (seize the megalodon, if you will) with at least 7 hours of hunting and fossil identification for up to 6 people, all for one convenient flat rate. An autographed copy of Ashby's field guide is included.

Off Season Packages
IMG_0451 2.HEIC

Sunset Shark Tooth Package

If you want a truly one of a kind experience, join us for fossil hunting AND a sunset harbor cruise! Each group will get two hours of collecting, followed by a one hour boat cruise during sunset. 

Secure your seats early, as this is one of our most popular options during the off season, and is ONLY offered from mid-October through mid-March.

Sunet Shark Tooth Package

These cruises take place on an open air boat. As such, we encourage you to be prepared for all weather types.

Recommended items to bring:

  • Rubber boots

  • Cell phone camera

  • Hat

  • Readers/Rx glasses for up close viewing

  • Sunglasses

  • Windbreaker/raincoat

  • Weather appropriate clothing:

Warm layers strongly recommended during faster boat speeds. ​



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