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Owner, Paleontologist

The face, primary tour guide, and mastermind behind Charleston Fossil Adventures, LLC is Ashby Gale. Ever since he was in the stroller, Ashby has had a connection with Edisto Beach and the fossils collected there. Even though he spent many of his years in the mountains of North Carolina (where he ultimately got his Environmental Science degree at Appalachian State University) Ashby still visited the coast of SC to collect fossils. In 2014, Ashby took a job with SCPRT at Edisto Beach State Park where he was able to expand his professional experience with Pleistocene vertebrate remains. That continued to fuel his passion for fossils and the outside world, ultimately leading to his founding of CFA. 


The silversmith behind CFA's fossil fine art jewelry line "MORPHOLOGIE" is Tracy Burlison. Tracy started out with polymer clay jewelry in 2000, and later transitioned to the torch-wielding art of silversmithing in 2007 after taking a few private lessons. Her previous work sold in the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, SC. After a short hiatus, she resumed her metal work in 2018 after a chance conversation with Ashby on Folly Beach, and thus, MORPHOLOGIE was born! Tracy's favorite fossils include a horse tooth that was "playing in the waves" at Folly, a near complete capybara molar, and a piece of bone chewed by a rodent prior to fossilization!

Tour Coordinator, Social Media Admin

Help with our phone calls and online messages comes from Tabytha Walls. Though her primary degree and occupation is as a high school band director, Tabytha assists in coordinating tours and managing CFA's social media presence on Facebook and YouTube. Her lifelong passion for artifact collection melded perfectly with the Lowcountry's diverse fossil remains, and she has been collecting ever since her arrival to SC in 2016. Tabytha's favorite sharks are the makos, for their elegant tooth shape and simplistic form. Her favorite personally-collected fossils are a massive coprolite (fossil poop!) from a crocodilian and a pure white tooth from the extinct giant white shark, Otodus angustidens. Oh, and Ashby is proud to call her his fiancé! 

Photos from the Staff

Ashby posing with the juvenile dolphin skull he discovered in Summerville, SC. This photo was taken prior to plaster jacketing the skull, and removing it for professional removal of sediments at the College of Charleston. Collected with permission from the land owner.

Tabytha's pure white Carcharocles angustidens tooth she collected from an inland site with permission from the land owner. Reworked tooth from the Ten Mile Hill Formation; aka: older (Oligocene) tooth that was reworked into younger (Pleistocene) sediments.


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