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Morris Island Adventure

The Morris Island Adventure has it all: shark teeth, fossils, seashells, dolphins, and the historic Morris Island lighthouse!

What to expect:

Tour length: 5 hours

Capacity: 6* people

Rec. Ages: 7+

*12 upon request

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your Adventure. The boat departs promptly at the trip start time.

Come board the boat with Captain Mike as we set out to Morris Island to collect shark teeth and other fossils including but certainly not limited to:

  • dolphin and whale bones

  • sea turtle shell fragments

  • fossilized shark poop! (aka coprolites)

  • swordfish bones

  • Ice Age remains (horse teeth, mammoth ivory, box turtle shell, and more!)

  • many other remains from extinct species up to 30 million years old!

  • Morris Island Exclusive: Native American pottery sherds (up to 4,000 years old)

  • Morris Island Exclusive: occasional Colonial artifacts (glass, pottery china, bricks)

General Tour Structure: Groups will meet Captain Mike at the Folly River Boat Ramp and enjoy a 20 minute boat ride through the calm waters of the salt marsh before landing on the beach. Please note that your group will hike at least 1 mile on the beach before arriving at the stretch with the highest concentration of fossils. By the end of the Adventure, expect the total mileage to be around 4-5 miles of walking. A complementary fossil identification session will be provided at the conclusion of the Adventure. We do not drop off clients unguided! Our paleontologist(s) will be with you the entire trip to help you spot all types of fossils!

Our style of fossil hunting is surface collecting. The water has done the sorting for us, uncovering new fossils every 12 hours. No digging or sifting takes place at all. Not only is that illegal in SC, but it's less efficient at our localities. 

*Large Group Sizes: We are able to accommodate up to 12 people MAX on this Adventure. Group sizes over 6 require us to run both boats, so these larger tours will receive both Captain Ash and Captain Mike! 

This cruise takes place on an open air boat. As such, we encourage you to be prepared for all weather types.

Recommended items to bring:

  • Comfortable footwear for a 5 mile hike

  • Cell phone camera

  • Hat

  • Readers/Rx glasses for up close viewing

  • Sunglasses

  • Windbreaker/raincoat

  • Weather appropriate clothing

Oct-April: Warm layers strongly recommended during faster boat speeds. ​

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