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School Group Adventure

CFA owner Ashby Gale is experienced in leading programs for children of all ages as well as adults. Through his work at Edisto Beach State Park, Ashby taught hundreds of classes covering fossils and other natural history topics to school groups. Through Discover Carolina programs Ashby taught, he became familiarized with the SC State Education Standards addressed in this special education program, and is willing to collaborate with schools on addressing certain topics.


The SGA is a highly-customizable package. Offering both on-site and off-site experiences, Ashby provides an engaging atmosphere for everyone interested in the fossil history of the South Carolina Lowcountry. The two main packages are as follows:


On-Site Visit

Off-Site Field Trip

Want to supplement your geology chapter with some locally found fossils from the SC Lowcountry? Let Charleston Fossil Adventures come give a presentation to your class! Specimens of actual fossils will be on hand for the children to touch and inspect up close. 


Topics covered include:

  • Driving mechanisms of fossilization processes

  • Analyzing properties of fossils vs. rocks

  • Constructing explanations for why fossil deposits are located where they are

  • Interpreting past data from the fossil record to analyze historical climate patterns

  • Analyzing adaptations of both extinct and extant animals, and comparing traits from both groups


SC State Education Standards Addressed:

  • 1.E.4A - Earth's Natural Resources

  • 2.S.1A.1 - Natural World Observations

  • 3.S.1A.4 - Analyzing Natural Observations

  • 3.E.4 - Earth's Materials and Processes

  • 4.E.2B - Historical Climate and The Fossil Record

  • 5.E.3 - Change in Landforms and Oceans

  • 6.L.4B - Structural Adaptations in The Fossil Record

  • 7.S.1 - Natural World Observations

  • 8.E.6 - The Fossil Record

  • H.E.4 - Paleobiosphere

Looking to harness the energy of your class and tire them out with a field trip? Never fear, CFA offers the same quality beach tours to school groups as it does for private reservations!


Due to minimized staffing, CFA kindly asks for group sizes no larger than 25 individuals, with a minimum of one chaperone/teacher per 10 students.


All off-site field trips start with a brief presentation on the fossils in the area, how they came to be located on the beach, and searching techniques for going home with as many fossils as possible! 


Please have buses drop students off 15 minutes prior to start of program, and return to pick students up at close of program. CFA is not responsible for scheduling parking.


*Off-site trips are only offered to middle, high school, and college aged groups.

On-Site Visit:
 1-25  students - $200
26-50 students - $275
51-75 students - $350
($200 minimum)
Off-Site Visit:
 $300 flat rate
Call now!
(828) 545-3436
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