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Founded in ethical collection practices. Always.



Since 2016, Ashby Gale and Charleston Fossil Adventures, LLC have become Charleston's trusted source for legal, commercial paleontology in the Lowcountry. 


Our fossil hunting tours guarantee a safe experience for all ages and abilities, providing unparalleled education about South Carolina's vast prehistory. 


What's even better? We NEVER plant fossils or "seed" the hunt, so your family members are truly the first humans to ever see these fossils!

Treasures found by our clients range from first records of species known from the Atlantic coast, to an individual's first shark tooth ever collected, to the wonder and respect shown to our state's natural resources by Ashby and his tours.

We invite you to come on out and unearth these natural treasures with us, as you discover PRE-Historic Charleston!

3X Voted BEST Tour Guide and Outdoor Activity in Charleston!


Charleston Fossil Adventures, LLC and its participants are proud to be in compliance with all state laws regarding the legal collection of fossils and artifacts in South Carolina. Since its inception in 2016, CFA remains in good standing with the Maritime Research Division under the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology. LEARN MORE.


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1 Island Adventure (2 hours)

RATE PER HEAD: $99 (ages 2-12)  $125 (ages 13+)

Recommended ages: 4+

Tour structure: Enjoy a scenic boat cruise to one fossil site. After 1.5 hours of hunting, return to the landing and end tour.

Make it private: $750 flat rate on available dates

2 Island Adventure (4 hours)

RATE PER HEAD: $199 (ages 2-12)  $225 (ages 13+)

Recommended ages: 8+

Tour structure: Enjoy a longer boat cruise to two fossil sites. After 3 hours of hunting, Ashby will sort through everyone's finds and provide accurate identification of every fossil.

Make it private: $1300 flat rate on available dates

Pre-2023 analog: 1/2 day Fossil Kayaking Adventure

3 Island Adventure (6 hours)

RATE PER HEAD: $325 (all ages)

Recommended ages: 12+

Tour structure: Enjoy our longest boat cruise to three fossil sites. After 5 hours of hunting, Ashby will sort through everyone's finds and provide accurate identification of every fossil.

Make it private: $1900 flat rate on available dates

Pre-2023 analog: 3/4 day Fossil Kayaking Adventure

Custom Private Adventure 

FLAT RATE: $2500

Tour description: Want maximum flexibility of a private experience, and Ashby's undivided attention, complete with a catered picnic lunch? (Courtesy of Publix Deli.) Select this tour for our VIP experience! You pick the duration, number of sites, and up to six people for one convenient flat rate.

Prehistoric Plantation Adventure 

**Please note that we do not collect fossils on this tour!

RATE PER HEAD: $59 per person, all ages

DURATION: 2 hours

Tour description: Cruise the scenic Ashley River past four historic plantations: Middleton Place (1741), Magnolia Plantation (1676), Drayton Hall (1747), and Runnymede Plantation (1705). During the cruise, enjoy an engaging presentation about the close link between Charleston's historic plantations and the advances in North American paleontology!

Make it private: $350 flat rate on available dates

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Bundle tickets from this tour with any Island Adventure and receive $10 off each fossil hunting ticket!


What can I expect on my trip?!

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Ashby Gale


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Trust a published paleontologist to identify your fossil treasures!

Ashby Gale is the owner and primary tour guide for Charleston Fossil Adventures, LLC. Prior to founding CFA, Ashby served as the Interpretive Park Ranger at Edisto Beach State Park where he curated their fossil collection for three years.


From 2014-2020, Ashby worked with his parents on publishing 
A Beachcomber's Guide to Fossils (University of Georgia Press), a full-color field guide with over 1200 photographs of common beach fossils found from Texas to Florida, and north to New Jersey. 

Ashby has presented on his research both regionally and internationally at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Geological Society of America, and Southeastern Association of Vertebrate Paleontology conferences.

Ashby is currently the president of the Palmetto Paleontological Society.

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Receive a curated box of fossils each month, exclusively collected by Ashby Gale. Plus, have fossils identified from your own collection!

These boxes are the perfect gift for children, grandchildren, and adults, too!



"Has there ever been a better name for a paleontologist from Charleston than
Ashby Gale? No, no there has not." ~K. Egan

This was best part of the day: Ash himself.


[My daughter found] a very rare tooth. So rare that Ashby didn't have one in his own collection, so rare that it wasn't pictured on his reference card, so rare that he whooped just a little bit when she shyly showed him.

Suddenly, we felt like paleontologists, too.

"To be able to have that connection with an extinct animal drives that fascination.”

Gale is no stranger to fossil-finding. It’s a love he’s made a career of as a paleontologist and the founder of Charleston Fossil Adventures.

The outfitter helps people legally find Charleston’s abundant fossils—the keyword being “legal.” Anyone can use a bucket and a shovel, which can destroy our fragile rivers and navigable waterways.


That kind of dig is illegal, and Gale, a paleontologist, is always mindful of the ecology around him when searching for fossils.



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