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Welcome to Charleston Fossil Adventures!

At CFA, we provide our clients access to South Carolina's prehistoric past. Come join author and paleontologist, Ashby Gale, as he helps you uncover fossils dating beyond the time of megalodon!

Availability for the tours listed below will be posted in mid-late February!

A Quick Look at our 2023 Fossil Adventures

CFA is Charleston's Choice for legal fossil hunting Adventures! We offer accessible trips for all ages to discover the fossils hidden beneath our historic town. 


Our guarantee:

  •  We NEVER plant fossils. What you find is what washed out that day!

  • Small group sizes limited to 6 people.

  • Ashby Gale is always your guide!

  • No trespassing, no digging, no illegal poaching.
    CFA is proud to be founded in ethical collection practices, and has remained in good standing with state agencies for the entirety of the company's operation.


1, 2, and 3 Island Adventures

Choose the Fossil Adventure that's right for you!

1 Island Adventure: 2 hours, all ages 

2 Island Adventure: 4 hours, ages 7+

3 Island Adventure: 6 hours, ages 13+


Prehistoric Plantation Cruise

Enjoy a 2 hour river cruise past four of Charleston's historic plantations dating back to the 1600s! During the cruise, Ashby Gale will cover the lesser known history of how paleontology led to Charleston's Reconstruction era prosperity.

2 hours, all ages

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