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Introducing, the latest and greatest addition to our MORPHOLOGIE line:


Poowelry No. 2

Fossilized shark poop jewelry!


Our first designs released in this new line were both made by CFA owner, Ashby Gale. (Note the AWG hallmark on the reverse of both pieces.)


This pendant features a slice of fossilized shark poop (coprolite in paleo-lingo!), set on a blackened silver base plate, with three decorative silver shot at the, uhh, bottom of the piece. The base plate and the bail ring are hand hammered to create a dimpled appearance of the silver. The reverse of the base plate has a brushed satin finish to mask any scratches that may develop over the life of wearing this piece. The lines seen in the coprolite are each a different fold of feces contained in the folded intestine of the dead shark that housed this excellent excrement.



DIMENSIONS: 59x19 mm


Jewelry items can now be combined with any other purchase to save on shipping.

Poowelry No. 2 - Modern Pendant

SKU: A002.12.04.19
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