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NOTE: If you would like more than 3 lbs, please do not order multiples of this item. Instead, please exit this item and purchase one of the predetermined amounts. Shipping rates are different for each category.


Maybe you can't travel to the beach this year, but CFA can send the beach to you! These packages come with 3 pounds of unsearched gravel from Charleston waterway beaches loaded with fossils. We collected, dried, and packed it up without removing any fossils! If you picked every single fossil out of these bags, we'd estimate there's at least 200 fossils per pound! (And you get 3 lbs per order!)


Better yet, one out of every 5 bags we ship will have an added megalodon lineage tooth included! Plus, as a thank you for your support of CFA, you'll receive access to a private webpage that identifies a large majority of the fossils you can find in this gravel.

Shark Tooth Sand - 3 lbs Starter Box

  • We do not accept returns, and will not issue a refund for this product. Please understand what you are purchasing: this is unsearched gravel with SMALL shark teeth. Referred to as "concentrate" or "micro-matrix," the majority of the teeth and fossils you will be finding are small. Additionally, while we can't guarantee how many shark teeth are in each bag, we do our best when collecting the gravel to only include the highest density of fossil material. 

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