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This Southwestern inspired handmade sterling silver artisan cuff bracelet features Kingman mine turquoise cabs and a fossilized tan shark tooth.


The shark tooth measures .95 inches long by .98 inches wide. The shark tooth fractured along a natural stress point during the setting process. It has been repaired with jeweler's glue and repolished. It is stabilized from further damage and set tight in the bezel.


The bracelet is an oval-C shape so it will stay nicely on your wrist. The width across measures 2.2 inches by 1.5 inches deep and the opening is 1.2 inch wide. It can be adjusted slightly to fit.


Makes a great gift for the shark-lover in the family and is one-of-a kind treasure. Don't let this one be the one that gets away!


Kingman Turquoise and Polished Shark Tooth Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

SKU: 126
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