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The "King of Fruit" is now the king of our PoowelryTM fossil poop jewelry collection!


Introducing the Charleston PoowelryTM Pineapple.


The pineapple motif is prominent around the city of Charleston in its landmarks and stately homes. Since early colonial days, sailors returning from long voyages would display a pineapple in front of their homes as a message to neighbors that they had returned safely. This exotic tropical fruit was also an invitation for all to pay a visit, enjoy a meal and drink, and to hear stories of their adventures. The symbol has been embraced as the ultimate in hospitality and welcomes all to our city.


We've put our own spin on this design. Discover the pineapple's latest transformation, sitting as the crown jewel atop our best-selling fossilized poop jewelry, aka PoowelryTM.


This handmade sterling silver pendant features a locally collected coprolite (fossilized shark poop) that's been cut and polished by our staff into a cabochon. The oval stone is bezel set and surrounded by a decorative wire in the shape of a pineapple. The textured 3D leaves hide the split bail between the layers.


The teardrop bail opening is nice and wide and will accommodate a larger chain if desired. (Chain not included). This piece was handcrafted by Charleston Fossil Adventures' very own Ashby Gale and features his maker's mark on the back of the pendant.

The pendant measures 40mm (1.57 inches) from the top of the leaves by 18.1 mm (.71 inches) wide by 8.3 mm (.32 inches) thick/tall.

The cab colors feature a tan color with some light gray inclusions -- basically what amounted to this shark's very last meal. It takes very special conditions for organic material such as this to fossilize into solid rock.


Most shark coprolites found in this area are plain brown or black on the outside. It's only when you cut into the stone, that the beautiful colors and patterns are revealed. It's millions of years old.


You can see our entire process here and learn more about coprolites in Charleston Fossil Adventures' YouTube video: Everything you need to know about shark coprolites and then some!

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Show off your hospitality by giving one of these most unique gifts to that special someone.

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Charleston PoowelryTM Pineapple Pendant handcrafted in sterling silver

SKU: 109
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