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Turn one of your fossils into a beautiful polished stone for your custom jewelry piece!


Examples of fossils that polish well are coprolites, mammoth tooth enamel, sea turtle shell, whale bone, manatee/dugong bone, dolphin/whale vertebrae or sperm whale teeth.


Once you have your fossil, choose what shape you would like your cabochon: square, oval, circle, rectangle, triangle or nugget. 


Not sure if your fossil would work as a cabochon? Shoot us an email at and we can discuss! 


Please note depending on the state of your fossil, it may require slight modifications to be made into a piece of jewelry. By placing this order, clients agree to pay an additional $25 for alterations to prepare fossils for jewelry pieces. Additionally, you acknowledge that fossils and stones can have inherent weaknesses that may not be visible externally. If your fossil breaks, our designers will work with you to come up with an appropriate resolution. 

BASE - Cabochon (Any fossil)

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