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Add a hand stamped design to your custom jewelry piece! With 10 different designs to choose from, there is a pattern to fit every custom piece. 


Stamped Designs: 

  • Stamp C1
  • Stamp C2
  • Stamp C3
  • Stamp C4
  • Stamp C5
  • Stamp C6
  • Hand Hammered 
  • Sun Rays 
  • Art Deco Dots 
  • Rays 


Rings will have a stamped band (example: Rays). 


Cuffs will have a stamped band (example: Stamp C1). 


Pendants will have a stamped backplate (example: Art Deco Dots). 


Head to our Inspiration Gallery to see examples of different hand stamped patterns on finished pieces. 


ADD-ON: Stamped Designs

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