Introducing, the latest and greatest addition to our MORPHOLOGIE line:



Fossilized shark poop jewelry!


This pendant features a locally-collected hand-cut and polished fossilized shark poop cabochon (or coprolite in paleo-lingo) set in a Southwestern-inspired sterling silver design.


It has a stamped sunburst motif with a scalloped-edge backplate around the bezel as well as a sun featured on the bail. The pendant measures 41 mm from the top of the bail by 25 mm wide.


The cab colors feature black and tan inclusions, basically what amounted to this shark's very last meal.


No one need know you're wearing shark poop, unless you tell them. But we also think it's a great conversation starter wrapped up in one unique piece of jewelry, so why not?


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DIMENSIONS: 41 mm tall x 25 mm wide

Poowelry: Southwestern Style Fossilized Shark Poop Sterling Silver Pendant

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