Gag gift and collector's item all in one: it's Megalodon Poop! Collect mystery fossils and prank your friends with this fun package of black river rocks. Each package comes with 5 pieces of "poop," one mystery fossil, and a card identifying all ten mystery fossils to collect. Plus, every pack comes with a durable canvas bag perfect for your fossil collection! 


Which mystery fossil does your bag have? Trade with your friends to collect all ten!

  1. shark tooth
  2. shell steinkern
  3. stingray tooth
  4. shark vertebra
  5. fossil barnacle
  6. solitary coral
  7. burrfish teeth
  8. dolphin bone
  9. horse tooth enamel
  10. RARE ITEM: shark coprolite (poop!)


NOTE: This is a gag gift for friends and family members. The pieces of "poop" in each bag are round, black river rocks collected by CFA staff members. To find your own fossilized shark poop, please consider purchasing a bag of our Shark Tooth Sand, or booking a tour with CFA's paleontologist, today!

Megalodon Poop (3 Pack)

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