This eye-catching sterling silver ring features a prong-set shard of fossil ivory tusk. The size 7.5 ring is designed with a wide, hand-hammered band for comfort and stability. The jet-black ivory really stands out against the bright, brushed finish.

If you look sharp on the short ends, you can make out the Schreger pattern of lines that are indicative of ivory. The natural design is echoed in the twisted wire that adorns the face of the ring.

This ivory came from the one of the mammoths, mastodons or four-tusked elephants that inhabited the Charleston area during the Ice Age some 11,000 to 2.6 million years ago. The Columbian mammoth also happens to be our state fossil!

Don’t wait too long to decide on this piece; our last ivory ring sold within days of being listed!

DIMENSIONS: 34LX23WX25H mm (1.3X0.9X0.98 in.) SIZE 7.5

NOTE: State laws prohibit the purchase of fossilized ivory if you live in California, New York, or New Jersey. For this reason, we cannot ship any item containing fossilized ivory to these states.

Mammoth Ivory Ring

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