This sterling silver pendant comes with story. Do you see the rocky cliffs, meadow flowers, mushrooms, deep blue lake and horses’ hoof prints?  It’s all in there in this interpretive piece of art jewelry featuring a fossilized piece of Ice Age horse tooth and beautiful genuine black opal cabochon.

This tooth dates from 11,000 to 2.6 million years ago, when horses roamed in the grasslands that would eventually become South Carolina and was collected by a CFA staff member on a Charleston-area beach.

The Australian opal triplet freeform cab measures 18x12 mm and features flashes of yellow, red, blue and a little green in an alternating pattern of light and dark blue/black. Opal is a traditional birthstone for October.

And just in time for Valentine’s Day, this is one of our special “hidden heart” pieces. The reverse is designed with a secret heart to remind you of your greatest love.

Do you feel a spiritual bond with horses, or know someone who does? Proudly wear or gift this fossil and gemstone pendant and make it a part of your own story!

DIMENSIONS: 42X38 mm (1.7X1.5 in.)

(SOLD) Horse Tooth & Black Opal Pendant

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