Around the world, an elephant is an auspicious symbol — dreaming about one is often said to represent something big and powerful and brings luck into your life. So will this fossilized ivory and sterling silver dream bring luck into your life? You be the judge.

This golden honey-brown shard has been worn smooth by tide and time. This ivory piece is from one of the Ice Age mammoths, mastodons or four-tusked elephants that lived in the Charleston area around 11,000 to 2.6 million years ago. The Columbian mammoth is South Carolina’s state fossil.

The beautiful grain pattern is displayed in a way not often found in South Carolina fossil ivory. It almost resembles wood. It is set in .925 sterling silver and finished in a satin-brushed finish.

The tube bail is big enough to accommodate most snake chains or other neck wires. It’s tucked on the back of the piece as to prominently display the most out of this lovely and unique fossil pendant.

Don’t sleep on it too long, though! Getting fossilized ivory of this level of quality and beauty doesn’t come around very often!

DIMENSIONS: 28X44 mm (1.1X1.7 in.)

NOTE: State laws prohibit the purchase of fossilized ivory if you live in California, New York, or New Jersey. For this reason, we cannot ship any item containing fossilized ivory to these states.

(SOLD) Fossil Ivory Shard Pendant

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