Start a conversation with this one-of-a-kind sterling silver, turquoise and fossilized bone shard pendant. Know a chiropractor or other bone doctor who’s just impossible to buy for? YUP! Guaranteed they won’t have one of these.

This bone came from an Ice Age land mammal that lived 11,000-2.6 million years ago.
After fossilization, it spent a long time being polished and worn by the interaction of sand and waves. The shard was collected by CFA staff on a Charleston beach and set in this impressive piece of jewelry.

The turquoise cabochon is an eye-catching light green with dark/light brown veins and measures 18X13 mm. Turquoise is one of the traditional birthstones for December.

This is one of our special “hidden heart” pieces. The reverse is designed with a secret heart to remind you of your greatest love. Who will you choose to share your heart with?

DIMENSIONS: 67X27 mm (2.6X1.0 in.)

Fossil Bone & Turquoise Pendant

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