Edisto Beach Adventure

Fossil Hunting at Edisto Beach

For those wanting to find fossils from mammoths, mastodons, giant armadillos and tortoises, horses, bison, and more amazing Ice Age critters, then fossil hunting at Edisto Beach is for you. While complete elements are rare, Ashby's trained eye can identify even the smallest fossil fragment down to the animal and sometimes body part. The real treasure on these Adventures is the opportunity to discover one of these fragments from prehistoric giants!


The EBA starts in the beach area of the State Park (participants must pay separate park admission). From the parking lot, the primary hunting location is a 1.4 mile walk. However, depending on the volume of material present, nice fossils may be located within a mile.


Recommended Items: Water, sunscreen, bug spray, water shoes or sandals, snacks, raincoat, camera/cell phone, readers/Rx glasses. Collection pouches provided!


Tour Length: 3 hours

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NOTE: All participants must pay State Park Admission upon entry.

2021 Private Group Rates:
$399 flat rate (1-4 people)
For 5 people, ticket price starts at $95.99/person and then decreases by $5 intervals for each additional person

Cancellation Insurance Policy

Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, in 2021 our trips are restricted to single family groups. This means we won't combine your family with another household on your trip. (If your family group is made up of multiple households, that's okay; our tours just provide the peace of mind that you won't be matched with a different family on your Adventure.)