Adults (16+):    $149 - We provide all gear!

                                 $99 - You provide kayak, paddle, PFD, & transport

Children (6-15):    Not permitted on this Adventure


On the FKA you can find fossils from:

Megalodon Shark


C. chubutensis Shark


Giant White Shark


Great White Shark


Giant Mako Shark


Giant Thresher Shark

Snail Steinkerns


Clam Steinkerns


Shark Vertebrae


Fish Vertebrae


Whale Ear Bones


Solitary Coral

Snaggletooth Shark


Tiger Shark


Lemon Shark


Shortfin Mako Shark


Longfin Mako Shark


Assorted Rays

Fossil Kayaking Adventures

Join CFA on a fossil kayaking trip to various shorelines and gravel beds found along the rivers in the Lowcountry. This popular fossil kayaking tour is the only one of its kind in Charleston! Your 1/2 day tour will consist of four hours at a secluded location loaded with larger fossils and shark teeth!

IMPORTANT: Before booking these tours, ALL participants must register and obtain a Hobby Diving License with the Maritime Research Division of SCIAA.

All license applications (click here to download) MUST be submitted to SCIAA at least 6 weeks prior to your Adventure.


Numerous megatooth shark teeth can be found, including Megalodon, mako, giant white, great white, thresher, false mako, and smaller shark species such as sand tiger, snaggletooth, and bull sharks. 


Adventurees wade in cool river waters or search along  the sandy banks to find these fossils. CFA monitors the depths and flow rates to ensure participants are in a safe environment. (Please note that Lowcountry rivers are murky and visibility is minimal due to tannins and high sediment loads.)


Recommended Items: Bathing suit, water, lunch, sunscreen, bug spray, water shoes (no flip flops!), snacks, camera/cell phone, waterproof bag, raincoat, light jacket, hat, small backpack

*Kayaks, paddles, and life jackets provided for two people, and collection pouches provided for all guests!


Tour length: 1/2 day

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Fossil Hunting Lowcountry Rivers & Shorelines

"The Maritime Research Division issues Hobby Diver licenses to collect artifacts from state waters and manages quarterly reports submitted by licensed individuals to ensure proper reporting and recording of finds as allowed by the license."

Anyone wishing to recover fossils or archaeological artifacts in navigable waters must possess a Hobby Diving License, even if the artifacts are uncovered on an exposed gravel bed. (Beaches between low and high tide are the exception.) All artifact recovery must be made by hand, without mechanical means such as screens, shovels, rakes, or other tools.

MRD works closely with the SC State Museum for fossil reports. All reports are to be made quarterly for license retention. 


Both 6-month and 2-year licenses are available for in state and out of state residents.


First Aid/CPR/AED Certified Guides

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