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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Adventure is best for finding Megalodon teeth?
All of our 2023 Adventures take participants to secluded sites that yield larger shark teeth than you can find on an Atlantic beach. While a large tooth can be found at any of these shorelines, we recommend booking the 2 Island or 3 Island Adventure to grant you the most time to search for that elusive larger tooth!

Will we still hunt in the rain?
Yes! As long as there is no lightning or hazardous conditions such as exceptionally rough winds (Small Craft Advisories), hurricanes, or flooding, your Fossil Adventure will still take place. In fact, some of the greatest fossil discoveries have been found on rainy days!
What should I wear?
Dress for the weather. A hat, light-colored and quick-dry clothing, and closed-toe LACED shoes are appropriate. 
The following footwear is NOT allowed: crocs, loafers, slide-on shoes, open-toe (or open-heel) shoes, water slippers/booties, and flip flops. If you arrive in any of these you will be not be able to board the boat. Period.
 Our strict footwear policy stems from the soft mud we'll encounter as well as occasional live oysters that have razor sharp edges.

What is CFA's cancellation policy?

Clients are given the option of purchasing cancellation insurance at the time of booking. Clients that purchase this insurance guarantee a refund of the ticket costs if the client cancels any time prior to the trip date. Clients who do not purchase cancellation insurance are not eligible for refunds. By completing your booking, you agree to these terms.

CFA will only cancel an outing due to extreme weather conditions (forecast hurricanes, lightning, Small Craft Advisories). Weather-related cancellations made by CFA are eligible for
ticket refunds regardless of whether the client paid for cancellation insurance or not.

Are you still open?? AKA - I don't see any availability for "X" month."
Yes, we are still operating! The calendar is blank because you are probably looking a few months out. Because tour times are determined by the tide cycle, our Adventure times subsequently change from day to day. Please be patient as we work on finalizing the month of your visit. Oh, and do you see that red text in the header at the top of the page? That's where we post what dates are currently bookable on the calendar!

Where are we meeting?!
The meeting location is south of downtown Charleston, and will be provided upon completing your booking. We ask that you do not share this location with anyone outside of your party. 

Why isn't the Adventure I want to go on available?
We book trips out as first-booked first-served. Since every trip is led by Ashby, if we receive a 2 Island Adventure, then no 1 or 3 Island Adventures will take place that same day.
How long does my Adventure last?
1 Island Adventure: 2 hours
2 Island Adventure: 4 Hours
3 Island Adventure: 6 Hours
Prehistoric Plantation Cruise: 2 Hours

Do tours take place year-round?
Yes! Just be sure to dress for the weather! During November through February we do operate on limited tour availability.

Will we see alligators?
No! Our tours take place in environments where alligators cannot live, thanks to the salinity of the water. We do, however, have a fairly high success rate of seeing dolphins!

Can I keep every fossil I find?
Absolutely! Ashby will also give away many of his finds as well!

How many fossils will we find?
Since these fossils are naturally occurring and NEVER planted by our staff, we cannot guarantee a certain number of fossils, but we can guarantee everyone will walk away with fossils. The beaches are constantly changing, so some days may be more fruitful than others. However, common fossils like reef shark teeth and bone fragments are numerous, and usually out in good numbers on any given day. Head on over to our Facebook page to check out trip reports from past clients!

Do you have gift certificates?
We do! To purchase one, simply visit our Merchandise page and pick the certificate you want. You'll receive your electronic certificate through the email you provide within 48 hours.

How many people will be on my Adventure?
Up to 6 people.

Are we digging? Do I need to bring a sifter? 

No and no! Not only is such activity illegal in South Carolina, it's also less productive to screen material at these localities compared to simply scanning the surface with our eyes. Don't worry, Ashby will train your eye to see all of those hidden fossils!

Does CFA have a physical address?
To minimize the cost of each Adventure, CFA does not lease a physical business location, and instead focuses on leading outings and providing on-site fossil identification. But, if you'd like to write to us (or send us fossils from your home state!), our mailing address is: 

Charleston Fossil Adventures, LLC
PO Box 1608
Ladson, SC 29456

Do you sell megalodon teeth?
We focus on selling the experience of finding fossils, rather than the sale of collected items. However, we do highly recommend buying fossils from the following entities:

Cancellation Policy
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